Android Technologies

Android took up 63% of the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2014. Four of five devices shipped during this period run Android, signifying the platform’s dominance. The Google Nexus series is no less an example of how its relentless attempts to lead the market meet success. As of January 2015, the Google Play Store had more than 1.43 million active apps available for downloads. With the number of apps on Google Play catching up with Apple’s mighty App Store, Android now provides a cheaper but in no way inferior option to iOS. For developers, Android presents greater flexibility, hassle-free application porting and increased control over system resources. The core of Android is the Linux Kernel, ideal for app development. The Android platform brings great value to your business strategy as it is quickly becoming an industry-shaping phenomenon.

Daily millions of users pick up Android devices for the first time and browse through apps and other digital content. The number of android one users has now reached 1 billion! Hundreds of millions mobile devices are powered by Android in over 190 countries. It is the leading installed base mobile platform, and still continues to grow rapidly.

Our technical expertise in developing enterprise mobility solutions includes:
Android Application Development
Android SDK and NDK
Android OS
Native Application Development